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It's a clash of bones, we have Dage the Evil versus Sepulchure the Doomknight. It's a clash of AQW undead.

Dage's Power and HistoryEdit

Dage is the ruler of the undead legion, he commands the undead and wields the Caladbolg. He was even the appreantice of Nulgath. 

Sepulchure's Power and HistoryEdit

Once the loyal friend of Alteon, Sepulchure saved the woman he loved but, became the ultimate evil. He has been killed by Drakath but, he has been ressurected. He has a daughter named Gravelyn. Sepulchure is capable of necromancy powers and wields the Doom Blade, he lea
Sepulchure by xzeromus-d51kmc9

The doomknight Sepulchure

ds an undead army.


Dage vs Sepulchure

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