A battle between Fievel from An American Tail series and Ratigan from The Great Mouse Detective movie, Vote who would win and leave the comments down below.


  • Fievel is from the An American Tail series.
    • He will not have the rope or gun and not have his friend Tiger to back him up. He will do what he did to Chief McBrusque by biting and stomping on his foot.
  • Ratigan is from The Great Mouse Detective movie.
    • He will not have his bell and his pet Felicia.
    • He hates being called a rat.

Fievel MousekewitzEdit

  • Powers/Weapons:
    • His teeth
    • Being a trickster
    • Being bratty
    • Being courageous

Professor RatiganEdit

  • Powers/Weapons:
    • His teeth
    • His Criminal Mind
    • Able to make schemes
    • Being insane
    • Being cruel
    • Being nasty
  • When he rip his clothes
    • Claws
Who would win?

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