Notes Edit

Heisei Gamera

Gamera Edit

Height: 80 meters


  • Plasma Fireballs
  • Vanishing Fist
  • Ultimate Plasma Mana Cannon
  • Fangs
  • Shoulder blades
  • Flight
  • Can swim at 180 knots
  • Burrowing ability
  • Can draw more power by establishing a link with a human host
  • Can control mana (which is the life source of the planet)
  • Can absorb fire which heals his body entiraly and gives him a slight energy boost
  • Can control Plasma, as shown with the vanishing fist 
  • Spins fast enough to basiclly be a flying buzzsaw
  • Plasma fireball 150% 

Gypsy Danger Edit

Height: 79 meters


  • I-19 Plasmacaster
  • GD6 Chain Sword
  • Nuclear bomb
  • Pilot's mind is connected to Gypsy Danger; any damage caused to Gypsy Danger will affect the pilot Weaknesses:
  • If pilots are taken out, Gypsy Danger will malfunction
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