Superman has fought Darkseid, ruler of Apokalypse, sometimes with help. Imagine if the powerful Zod and his army challenged Darkseid. Please vote and comment why do you think one villian could beat the other.


After recovering from Krypton's destruction, Zod and his army decided to find Kal-El. They check at Apokolips. However, Darkseid considers Zod to be a threat and attacks. An all out war begins as Darkseid sits at his thrown. Zod storms through the palace while Faora kills the guards in an instant. As Granny and the others attack Faora and hold the krytonians at bay, Darkseid shoots an Omega Beam at Zod sending him flying. As Zod tries to get up, Faora tries to choke Darkseid, but, is knocked down with ease. Zod punches Darseid into a lava pit. This only angers Darkseid as the fight has only begun. Meanwhile the two armies of Zod and Darkseid clash.

Who would win?

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