KnifeHead shouting at Gigan

Who would win? Gigan (2004, Godzilla Universe) vs KnifeHead Kaiju (Pacific Rim)? Vote via comments or voting pole!


Gigan is an alien monster from the Godzilla Universe who has everything sharp. His hands end in pointy-razor-sharp scythes. He has a buzzaw on his chest which can cause serious wounds. He can shoot layers from his eyes. When upgraded, his hands turn into chainsaws which do serious damage, and can shoot ninja stars from his chest too. Not to mention he can fly. But he has a vulnerability to nuclear blasts and fire, and Godzilla was able to chop his head off with one blast from his atomic breath.


KnifeHead Kaiju has 2 sets of hands, useful for hand-to-hand combat. His best weapon is his head, which ends in a large razor-sharp knife, this tool was used to kill one of the Gypsy Danger controllers. He is an excellent swimmer, but has a vulnerability to Gypsy's plasma cannon, similar to Gigan's laser.

Gigan vs KnifeHead

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