Rules Edit

Kiryu is scaled to 100 meters

2004 Godzilla

2004 Zilla, Zilla is missile-proof

Godzilla has the powers of all the previous Godzilla incarnations (eg. He has Heisei Godzilla's regeneration and Spiral Heat Ray, Showa Godzilla turning into a magnet, etc)

Kiryu's flight is unlimited

2002 Kiryu, but still has the powers of 2003 Kiryu

Kiryu can merge both his hands into drills

Godzilla Edit


  • Thermonuclear Breath
  • Regeneration
  • Can absorb lightning to enhance his Thermonuclear Breath or turn himself into a living magnet
  • Spiral Heat Ray
  • Nuclear Pulse

Kiryu Edit


  • Maser Cannon
  • Battle Pack
  • Can charge himself with energy after gaining speed and ram the opponent with tremendous force
  • Flight
  • Absolute Zero Cannon
  • Can morph it's hand into a drill
  • Able to extend some of its wires through ports on its neck to latch onto objects
  • Can fire off its Battle Pack

Zilla Edit


  • Flame Breath
  • Can run at 480 kilometers per hour
  • Adept swimmer
  • Can burrow underground
  • Extraordinary jumper
  • Can reproduce asexually
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