Rules Edit

The battle will take place on Skull Island, which means that Vastatosaurus will have the home court.

Gorosaurus Edit


Abilities Edit

· His famed "Kangaroo Kick"

· Strong jaws, tough to injure

· Sharp teeth, can penetrate thick hide

· Tail swipe, easily lifts weights of 50,000 tons or more

Weaknesses Edit

· Not the biggest of kaiju

· Hide can easily be penetrated by lasers

· Not that agile, pretty slow compared to other kaiju

Other Things To Note Edit

· Tough, thick hide

· Pretty experienced, has been fighting since 1967

Vasatosaurus Rex Edit

Vastatosaurus Rex-1-

Abilities Edit

· Sharp teeth, his main weapon

· Charges at high speed, can knock down the largest kaiju

· Swipe can easily rip a hole in the skin, but this hasn't been used much, used as a last resort

Weaknesses Edit

· Not the strongest of kaiju, pretty weak compared to other kaiju

· Even though arms are longer due to evolution, still can't be used

Other Things To Note Edit

· Really fast, easily outruns slower kaiju

· Sorta experienced, has been fighting since 2005

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