Notes Edit

2004 Gigan

1991 King Ghidorah

Gypsy Danger Edit

  • Plasmacaster
  • Sword
  • Chest ray
  • Nuclear bomb
  • Elbow rocket 
  • Pulse Launcher

Monster X, MechaGodzilla, King Ghidorah, Gigan, Orga and Megalon Edit

Monster X Edit


  • Gravity Beams
  • Limited levitation
  • As Keizer Ghidorah can fly and drain life force.

MechaGodzilla Edit


  • Laser Eyes
  • Chest beam
  • Flight
  • Can fire missiles from toes, knees and fingers
  • Can fire a laser from "brain" if decapitated
  • Can create a force shield by spinning it's head

King Ghidorah Edit


  • Gravity Beams
  • Flight
  • Hurricane winds from wings
  • Constricting necks

Gigan Edit


  • Blades for hands
  • Buzzsaw in abdomen
  • Cluster Light Ray
  • Flight
  • Cables

Orga Edit


  • Huge claws
  • Can absorb DNA through bite
  • Shoulder Cannon
  • Regeneration
  • Extraordinary jumper
  • Can pilot it's UFO through telepathy and control cables that the UFO implants

Megalon Edit


  • Drills for hands
  • Naplam Bombs
  • Flight
  • Can fire a beam from horn

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