In this exciting battle between Godzilla's two most dangerous adverseries. Leave a post and a comment below on who you think whould win and why.

King Ghidorah


King Ghidorah


Showa Version

King Ghidorah was an alien Space Dragon created by the Garogans and given to the Xiliens, who sent King Ghidorah to destroy the Earth.

Heisei Verson

Evil Doers (named the Futurians) from the future travelled back to the past before Godzilla was mutated, when he was a Godzillasaurus. They destroyed Godzilla and replaced him with 3 creatures called Dorats. So when the Atomic Bomb in WW2 went off it merged the Dorats into King Ghidorah, who is under the Futrians control, to destroy Japan.


  • Height: 150 metres
  • Weight: 70,000 tons


  • King Ghidorah can lift over 60,000 tons.
  • King Ghidorah can fly at the speed of Mach 3.
  • King Ghidorah can shoot Gravity Rays from his Mouths.
  • King Ghidorah can use his Necks to constrict his opponent.



Destroyah in: Godzilla Unleashed


Destroyah was created by the Oxegen Destroyer, a device which killed the first Godzilla. After its detonation, it revived and mutated a group of Precambrian Crustaceans. 42 years later, the Creatures attacked Tokyo and eventually combined into the final form of Destroyah.


  • Height: 120 metres
  • Weight: 80,000 tons


  • Microscopic Beam
  • Flight
  • Conductive Tail
  • Horn Katana
  • Can divide
  • Oxygen Destroyer Beam
  • Oxygen Absorber Bombs
  • Oxygen Destroyer Bomb


King Ghidorah vs Destroyah

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