Godzilla vs monsterX(RE)

Godzilla vs monsterX(RE)

Arguably the two most powerful monster antagonists of their series, Monster X and Slattern in an old fashioned kaiju brawl!

loMonster X yoEdit

Monster X has one of the most diverse range of abilities in the Godzilla movies, here are most of his abilities (let me know if I forgot any)

Gravity Beams

High Agility

Transformation Powers

Extreme Strength


Slattern, one of the largest kaiju ever.

Ridiculous Durability

Telekinetic powers

Kaiser Ghidorah's powers

Triple Gravity beams


energy drain


Slattern is a massive kaiju that came from the breach in the movie Pacific Rim. He is the biggest kaiju in the movie and the only category 5 at the time. Here are some of his abilities.

High Toxicity

Incredible underwater speed

Extreme Durability

596 feet tall (about twice the size of monster x)

Very Strong

3 powerful tails

Atomic breath


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