Basics Edit

Battle between scunner vs Zilla. 3 rounds. 1 is open field, 2 is ocean, 3 is city.

Scunner (Pacific Rim) Edit

Stats Edit

  • Height 441 feet (131.4 m)
  • Weight 3,230 tons

Official stats

Speed: 5

Strength: 9

Armor: 8

Advantages and disadvantages Edit

  • Head protrusions slower swimming, more damage, armor busting
  • Claws: better atack
  • Six limbs: better swimming speed, more to slice with
  • Designed for water: more swimming speed, more agility in water, less agility on land
  • Brain: human levels of intelligent
  • Weight: better ramming
  • Armor: can almost withstand a cool 2025 future nuke
  • Poisonous and acidic blood: it will hurt opponents
  • +1 BICEPS!: very strong, power in water

Zilla (as of Godzilla 1998) Edit

Stats Edit

Length 328-656ft (100-200m)

Height 195-278ft (60-85m)

500 tons

Advantages and disadvanteges Edit

  • Weight: faster, more agile, less powerful
  • Sleek body shape: faster swimming, more maneuverable in water
  • Brain: Advanced predatory instincts
  • Teeth: Chompy chompy bitey bitey
  • City canoflauge (kinda): grey color makes it hard to see in the city

Summary Edit

Slattern wins in the sea. No question. Good mobility, strong arms (four of them), blold that will spread around the whole battlefield. In the field, Slattern will have a hard time with less agility. But, if Zilla gets hit with a charge, game over. Slattern has the endurance to keep charging. Kaiju Blue (the blood) is also a thing. It will get in the chinks of Zilla's armor. In the city, Zilla has the upper hand. Scunner's vision is better in water, Zilla has semi-camoflauge, and Zilla can weave between buildings. Scunner can't set Zilla up, because Zilla is too agile. Scuneer's best hope is to knock down buildings and create some flat ground. But, there is some hope for Scunner, If it fast enough, then the playing field is level. Also, Scunner is smarter, to counter the helpfully specialized nature of mind of Zilla. Finally, Scunner has endurance, while Zilla is built more like a sprinter. Zilla needs endurance to break through Scunner's armor, and that gives time for Kaiju Blue to do it's thing. Finally, Zilla can still dig under the ground, dirt acting like a towel for the acid.

Who will win?

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