The sith decide to conquer another galaxy, and head for tokyo. Godzilla 2004 comes to fight these intruders.

Godzilla 2004:


  • Atomic beam
  • Spiral Ray
  • Tail slam
  • Nuclear Pulse


  • Can throw 100,000 tons
  • Threw 30,000 ton monster beyond horizon
  • One shotted many monsters with tail and beam
  • Can withstand military, kaiju (Zilla, Gigan, Monster X, etc.) and mecha (Gotengo, whatever the EDF, AMF, etc. threw at him before)

Round 1: 100,000 battle droids

Round 2: 5,000 super battle droids, 900 droid tanks

Round 3: 1,000 of every type of droid

Round 4: 10,000 stormtroopers and 300 TIE fighters

Round 5: Darth Maul, Darth Vader

Round 6: Rest of the Sith lords

Round 7: The Imperial Star Destroyer Fleet

Round 8: Darth Sidious