Hello everyone im here to talk about something that been accuring on this wiki


i have been on this wiki long enough to see the amount of bullshit that goes on this wiki. People saying that everysingle universe exculding pacfic rim has weak and pathetic monsters. People saying stating not logical reasons why for example

"The female muto is basiclly leatherback and the male is otachi just without the acid

otachi and leatherback win"

I would like to talk about each universe and why they are no pushovers. 

Gamera universe

The gamera universe might not have a lot of kaiju,but it sure as hell is strong enough to fight against godzillaverse monsters. Gamera himself is pretty strong who is on pare with godzilla himself.there are also a few monsters that can also fight and even beat some of the godzillaverse. Those monsters are Legion ,iris ,zedus ,and Gyaos . These monsters if they can stand up to godzilla kiaju they can #rekt pacfic rim kaiju. look at the links i gave and you will see why they can not only kill jeagers and kaiju, but will legit curbstomp them. 

Godzilla universe

This one im pissed off about then anything else. Godzilla himself, is a strong kaiju and can legit curbstomp any kaiju or mecha from pac rim. Godzill has taken a  meteor that destroyed ALL OF TOKYO and did not even flinch.He was inside magma for days on end,THATS SOME PREASSURE AND EXTREAME HEAT RIGHT THERE. 

Godzillas monsters are strong and can take every pac rim kaiju on there OFF day. Im talking about Spacegodzilla,Destoroyah,Monster x/keizer ghidorah,battra,King ceaser, Mothra, Varan,baragon, anguirus (giant monsters all out attack). King ghidorah.etc THERE ARE SO MANY TO COUNT.

Each of these monsters have proven time and time again that they can hold there own against any monster. Mothra was able to go toe to toe with godzilla and has proven to be a strong fighter. Biollante is a freaking beast,not only can she just burn you alive, but just stab you and trap you. 

This is turning into a rant so let me lay it down for you. NO KAIJU IS A PUSHOVER