Rules Edit

The battle will take place in Utah's Rocky Mountains. Utahraptor will have the home court

Venatosaurus Edit


Abilities Edit

· Wide jaw, easily snatches up smaller opponents

· Tail is used as a whip, stuns enemies

· Claws can slice flesh easily

Weaknesses Edit

· Not the bulkiest of dinos, can easily be beaten by larger opponents

· Hide is thin, easily penetrated

Other Things To Note Edit

· Fast and agile

· Easily outruns slower opponents

Utahraptor Edit

Utahraptor updated-1-

Abilities Edit

· Giant claws, main weapon

· Teeth are sharp, easily rips flesh

Weaknesses Edit

· Actually pretty small compared to Venatosaurus

· Feathers don't provide much armor, can easily be broken

Other Things To Note Edit

· Fast and agile, easily can outrun Venatosaurus

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